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@@10/22TargetLite Semi Auto Rifle 22LR BlkL Th SatB 16.13
@@10/22TargetLite Semi Auto Rifle 22LR BlkL Th SatB 16.13
Product Number: V21186
@@Redhawk®Dbl-Action Revolver 357 Mag Hdwd Grip/Sat Sts 5.5"
@@Redhawk®Dbl-Action Revolver 357 Mag Hdwd Grip/Sat Sts 5.5"
Product Number: V05060
@@GP100® Dbl-Action Revolver 357 Mag Hdwd Grip/Sat Sts 4.2"
@@GP100® Dbl-Action Revolver 357 Mag Hdwd Grip/Sat Sts 4.2"
Product Number: V01771
@@GP100® Dbl-Action Revolver 357 Mag Hdwd Grip/Sat Sts 6"
@@GP100® Dbl-Action Revolver 357 Mag Hdwd Grip/Sat Sts 6"
Product Number: V01773


Hunting, Shooting and Outdoor Products in Canada including Leupold Scopes, Redfield Rangefinders, Kimber Rifles & Handguns, Hornady Ammunition and Reloading Products, Yukon Gold Powders, Charges and more…

Welcome to our online hunting store designed especially for Canadian hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen. Here you may view and shop for guns, hunting accessories, ammunition, reloading products, and other outdoor products that are available across Canada from our vast network of associated gun dealers and outdoor sporting goods stores. Connect with a hunting or outdoor store near you for all your hunting, shooting and outdoor supplies by using our Outdoor Store Dealer Locator.

All of our Canadian Hunting, and Outdoor Products and Supplies are also available for our Dealers to order directly online from Korth Group’s Hunting and Outdoor Store.

Hunters have the advantage of viewing all of Korth Group’s hunting and outdoor products by selecting the Korth Group Hunting and Outdoor Store. Here you may browse through our many hunting and outdoor product lines from some of the most well known manufacturers of hunting and shooting supplies and equipment available in Canada.

At Korth Group we represent top of the line hunting, shooting and outdoor products from industry leaders like Leupold, Redfield, Kimber, Hornady, Grovtec US Inc, and American Pioneer Powder featuring Jim Shockey's Gold and Yukon Gold. Korth Group introduces 1000’s of outdoor products designed specifically for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to the Canadian marketplace each year. You will find a brief summary of our hunting and hunting related product manufacturers listed below.

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is well known for being a top manufacturer of optic products like rifle scopes, shotgun scopes, handgun scopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, golf rangefinders, binoculars, flashlights as well as scope mounts, mounting systems and accessories. While Leupold scopes are most commonly used by hunters for hunting or shooting practice, many Leupold products are designed to suit numerous outdoor activities and events. Leupold binoculars are commonly used for bird watching, or to observe outdoor sporting events. Leupold rangefinders can be used while on the golf course, are tournament legal and offer perfect line of sight distance measurement. Hunters, wildlife observers, competitive shooters, law enforcement officers as well as special operations military personnel use Leupold optical products worldwide.

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is a part of the Leupold brand and provides top of the line optic rifle scopes for serious hunters. The Redfield brand includes rifle scopes, handgun scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, flashlights as well as mounting systems and accessories.

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is a world leader in quality handguns and rifles. Kimber rifles, tactical rifles and pistols are used by competition shooters, hunters, law enforcement, and for sporting pleasure.

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is a world leader and innovator of bullets, reloading presses and tools. Reloading equipment consists of Die Sets, Bullets, Cases, Shellplates, Shellholders, Scales, Accessories and more. Their wide range of products also includes muzzleloading, rimfire and a wide variety of various ammunition including Superformance, LeverEvolution, Critical Defense, Varmint Express, Match . If you want high quality dependable bullets and ammunition of any calibre, you want Hornady.

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Grovtec US Inc

designs and manufactures the largest selection of swivels, swivel sets and slings to fit any rifle or shotgun. Grovtec US also designs hammer extensions, gunsmith parts as well as ammo accessories.

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American Pioneer Powder/Yukon Gold/Jim Shockey’s Gold

is for shooters and hunters who demand the best muzzle loading gun powder, compressed charges, and pre-measured loads available on the market today. Shockey's Yukon Gold, Shockey's Gold and American Pioneer Powders are clean burning with no lubing and minimal cleaning required. Don’t use just any black powder for your next big hunt, trust American Pioneer Powder, Yukon Gold and Jim Shockey's Gold.

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