Phoenix Technology kicklite gun stocks, fun accessories, rear pistol grips, universal forend, shot shell carrier

Phoenix Technology is a leading manufacturer of high performance gun stocks and gun accessories. Their custom gunstocks for shotguns, and tactical guns, are completely weatherproof, and extremely durable, which is important for Canadian hunters, competition shooters, and Law Enforcement. Phoenix Technology gunstocks are covered by a Lifetime guarantee and will not warp or become brittle, as most wooden stocks do, even in extreme weather conditions. These North American made gun stocks are uniquely designed, full of innovative features, and provide an exceptional value.

KickLite Stocks

The Phoenix Technology KickLite Stocks, feature the exclusive, recoil reduction system. Kicklite stocks are designed for all sizes, and strengths of shooters. They are very popular with female shooters, youth, and people with a smaller build, but anyone who wants to save their shoulder the strain, and tenderness associated with gun recoil, will want to get a Kicklite Stock. Kicklite Adjustable Stocks, and Kicklite Sporter Stocks are made for Winchester, Remington, Mossberg, and Maverick shotguns.

Phoenix Technology's recoil suppression technology is well suited for shotguns, using a heavy duty spring to absorb up to 50% of the recoil.

Field Series

For those people who want a high quality gun stock, but don't want the recoil reduction system, Phoenix Technology makes the Field Series. The Field Series Sporter Stocks, and the Field Series Adjustable Stocks are made for various models of Winchester, Remington, Mossberg, and Maverick Shotguns.

Rear Pistol Grip

The Rear Pistol Grip style of gun stock is a rugged design, with a textured finish. The comfortable, ergonomic feel of the Rear Pistol Grip allows for improved performance of your shotgun.

Universal Forend

The Universal Forend has a rugged, shock-proof, polymer design. It will upgrade your pump action shotgun, for better handling. This tactical, one-piece, Universal Forend has deep groves for faster, more secure racking, and improved shotgun performance.

Universal Shot Shell Carrier

The Universal Shot Shell Carrier will mount on most synthetic or wood stocks, and gives you quick, convenient access to 5 additional shot gun shells.

Korth Group Ltd is a distributor for Phoenix Technology products in Canada. Browse through their selection of products, and let them help you find a Canadian dealer located near you.