Ruger ReadyDot Reflex Sight
Ruger ReadyDot Reflex Sight
Product Number: 340-90742
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The ReadyDot is an ultra-reliable 1X reflex sight designed specifically to co-witness with the Ruger MAX-9 pistol, but the low-profile sight also fits any compact handgun with a standard Shield RMSc footprint. It utilizes the light-gathering properties of fiber optics, so it is self-adjusting for brightness and never needs a battery. It is a fixed, non-adjustable sight with a large 15 MOA dot optimized for rapid target acquisition at pistol distances. Eliminating features that are unnecessary for accurate close range pistol shooting makes this the most rugged and reliable, waterproof and shock resistant pistol optic available.

When using your Ruger®ReadyDot™ sight, it is important to keep both eyes open. Look directly at the target and bring the pistol sights into your field of view. If you do not immediately see the red dot, use the iron sights to align the pistol and the dot will appear in the window. The iron sights do not have to be aligned to use the red dot. The red dot will be aligned with the point of impact if it appears anywhere in the window.

The Ruger®ReadyDot™ utilizes the light-gathering properties of fiber optics so it is self-adjusting for brightness and never needs a battery.


• Light Source: Light-gathering fiber optic (battery not required)

• Brightness Adjustment: Automatic based on ambient conditions

• Aiming Dot: Red 15 MOA dot 

• Magnification: 1X (no magnification)

• Lens: 12mm Impact resistant optical grade polymer with multi-layer coating

• Dimensions: Sight only (Length x width x height) 1.6 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches

• Weight: 0.3 ounces 

• Footprint: Fits pistols and mounting plates designed for Shield RMSc footprint

• Parallax free distance: 10 yds

• Waterproof 

• Also included: 2 x M4 x 0.7 8mm screws, T10 torx wrench for mounting