FABARM L4S Initial Hunter Shotgun 12Ga-3 24" Tribore HP Barrel
FABARM L4S Initial Hunter Shotgun 12Ga-3 24" Tribore HP Barrel
Product Number: 390-240224998
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FABARM USA is introducing an innovative new line of semiautomatic shotguns designed for bird hunting. The new L4S family of shotguns exhibits the same high level of precision and finish that FABARM is famous for in a product that is competitively priced for the North American market.

The L4S incorporates an innovative new design that allows the fore-end to be removed without disassembling the shotgun. The design has two significant advantages. Removing the fore-end allows the action to be cleaned and lubricated without having to disassemble the whole gun. Additionally, it eliminates having the wood be part of the structural assembly of the gun, making the action and barrel relationship more accurate and stronger. By taking the stress off of the wood fore-end you also eliminate the forces that can damage and crack the wood. All grades will feature Turkish walnut with a satin oil finish.

The L4S is lightweight making it a pleasure to carry in the field and has a gas operating system that significantly reduces recoil. It will handle every type of ammunition from 2 ¾” target to heavy 3″ magnum hunting loads. Other notable features include a stock shim system for adjusting fit and TRIBORE HP™ tapered barrels for the ultimate in ballistic performance. 


Gauge: 12

Operation: PULSE PISTON™, Gas-Operated


Barrel Length: 24”

Chamber: 3”

Chokes: 3 INNER HP™ Choke Tubes

Frame Finish: Black Anodized

Stock: Turkish Walnut 

Wood Finish: Matte, Hand Oiled

Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz. – 6 lbs 13 oz.

Proof Test: 1630 BAR