FABARM XLR Composite Shotgun 12Ga-3 24" Tribore HP Barrel
FABARM XLR Composite Shotgun 12Ga-3 24" Tribore HP Barrel
Product Number: 390-267224998
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A shotgun with an unfailing reliability shot after shot, after shot! XLR COMPOSITE is probably the most  advanced semi-auto with a TRIBORE HP barrel, made from forged steel bars precision drilled, a stock having a rubber over-molding insert, a frame using weaver standards and a recoil pad made of shock absorbing gel originally developed for the medical industry. 
For non-toxic ammunitions it is the most efficient semi-auto …you have in hands a 3” barrel which shoots as a brutal 3½ -inch, thanks to the INNER HP which shoot all steel shot ammunitions in choke tubes tighter than modified (½ - ***), even the full! With its perfect balance combined with a PULSE® piston which reduces the recoil, there is no shotgun as fast and stable as the XLR on the planet.

Product Features

Gauge: 12


Barrel Length: 24”

Chamber: 3”

Chokes: 5 Inner HP™ Chokes

Frame Finish:  Black Adonization

Stock: Pistol

Wood Finish: Composite + Soft Touch

Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz - 7 lbs 1 oz


Proof Test: 1630 BAR