Spartan PE FHF Aspis Javelin Bipod Holster
Spartan PE FHF Aspis Javelin Bipod Holster
Product Number: 510-SP07021R
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Lightweight and durable, the Aspis holds your Javelin bipod secure on your bino harness, bag or belt. A buckle that is easy to operate with gloved hands means speedy access to the bipod, keeping you ready for action. The Aspis is compatible with all Javelin Bipods in the range.

Product Features

• Keep your Javelin bipod within reach and securely attached to your belt for easy access.

• PALS Compatible - Compatible with any FHF Bino harness and any other harness using PALS.


• Weight: 2.3 oz / 67 g

• Compatibility: All Javelin Bipods