Allen Breakthrough Clean Technologies Aerosol All In One CLP 6 Oz
Allen Breakthrough Clean Technologies Aerosol All In One CLP 6 Oz
Product Number: 610-BTACLP6OZ
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The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Aerosol All-In-One (CLP) is an aerosol variant of our All-In-One (CLP) and is part of our newest collection, the Aerosols Series, designed to give you more control over your cleaning. Aerosols are designed to be more user-friendly, allowing the user to have a more accurate application of the chemicals. The Aerosol All-In-One (CLP) is a multi-use cleaner, lubricant and protectant, designed for quick maintenance between thorough cleanings to help keep your firearm running smoothly. The cleaning part acts as a degreaser, removing oil, grease, and carbon build-up from the action of your firearm. It also operates as a lubricant and a protectant reducing friction and wear while protecting your firearm from rust and corrosion. Providing limitless usability, the aerosol cleaner, lubricant, and protectant can be used on tools, automotive, metal, locks, knives, bicycles, or items found in your home that are subject to corrosion damage. It minimizes the friction and prevents degradation from metal-to-metal contact of your equipment for optimum future use. The Breakthrough Clean Technologies® Aerosol All-In-One (CLP) is odorless, safe to use and is made in the USA.

Product Features

• GUN CLEANER & OIL: Providing superior 3-in-1 cleaning, lubrication and protection, removes carbon build-up, lead deposits, oil, and grime, while penetrating to protect from rust and corrosion & minimizes friction from metal-to-metal contact.

• GUN RANGE ACCESSORIES: The All-in-One (CLP) is a convenient addition to your range bag for on-the-go cleaning and helps keep your firearms running smoothly. 

• MULTI-PURPOSE GUN LUBRICANT: Our universal solution can also be used on tools, auto, metal, locks, knives, bicycles, and additional home items subject to corrosion damage. 

• ODORLESS SOLUTION: The odorless spray offers a wide temperature range under extreme conditions.