Allen BCT 4-Piece Cleaning Rod with Aluminum Handle 40"
Allen BCT 4-Piece Cleaning Rod with Aluminum Handle 40"
Product Number: 610-BTCR40
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Experience true firearm maintenance with Breakthrough Clean Technologies® with our 4-Piece Cleaning Rod featuring an aluminum handle and a premium black oxide coating. This versatile set empowers you to customize the rod's length to suit the needs of your handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The package comprises of three fixed rods alongside one rotating rod, all equipped with a universal 8-32 thread. Elevate your cleaning regimen with precision and ease with Breakthrough Clean Technologies® as your trusted companion.

Product Features

• VERSITILE CLEANING SOLUTION: With a versatile 4-piece design, this cleaning rod set offers the flexibility to adapt to various firearm sizes and configurations including rifles, shotguns, or pistols.

• ENHANCED PROTECTION: The Black Oxide Coating not only ensures durability but also provides superior safeguarding against potential chamber & bore damage, prolonging the lifespan of your firearms.

• ROTATING ROD: The rotating rod enables seamless alignment with the rifling of the bore, ensuring thorough & effective cleaning.

• UNIVERSAL THREADING: Equipped with the widely recognized 8-32 threading, this cleaning rod is compatible with a broad range of attachments, making it a versatile tool for firearm maintenance.

• EXTENSIVE REACH: Measuring 40-inches in length, this cleaning rod provides ample reach for comprehensive cleaning, ensuring that even hard-to-access areas are thoroughly serviced.