Clenzoil Firearm Protective Sleeve (Rifle / Shotgun)
Clenzoil Firearm Protective Sleeve (Rifle / Shotgun)
Product Number: 620-2083
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Clenzoil® Firearm Protective Sleeves are recommended by the Clenzoil staff for storing your shotguns and rifles after cleaning with Clenzoil Field & Range solution. All firearm protective sleeves are silicone treated from the factory. Once your Clenzoil treated firearm has been stored in the protective sleeve, its effectiveness is greatly enhanced by its continued long-term exposure to the Clenzoil formula. The protective sleeve is 52 inches long.

          • Silicone treated protective sleeves help guard against rust.
          • Recommended for firearm storage after they have been cleaned using Clenzoil Field & Range products.
          • Provides defense against scratches, dents, and nicks when firearms are not in use.