Clenzoil Multi-Gauge Shotgun Kit - Black
Clenzoil Multi-Gauge Shotgun Kit - Black
Product Number: 620-2465
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Includes bronze bore brushes and mops for 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410 bore. The durable, water-resistant nylon exterior sets this kit apart from its competitors as it’s perfect for whatever outdoor elements are thrown at it. Powered by a compact cable pull-through system to provide on-the-go cleaning without taking up additional space.

Colour: Black

Cleaning Kit Contains:

Clenzoil Field & Range 0.5 oz. Dropper

Brass Bore Brushes & Mops

    • 410 Bore

    • 20 Gauge

    • 12 / 16 Gauge

39" Cable and Pull Handle

Scrubbing Brush

2 Sizes of Patch Pullers

3 Sizes of Cotton Patches

Nylon Water Resistant Case