Clenzoil Single Caliber Pistol Kit (40 Caliber / 10 mm)
Clenzoil Single Caliber Pistol Kit (40 Caliber / 10 mm)
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Designed to target individual pistol calibers including the four most popular in .22 cal., 9mm, .40 cal, and .44/.45 cal. Compact, rod-driven system that can be carried anywhere you go. Perfect for on-the-go cleaning in the field or at the range. Includes a 0.5oz bottle of Clenzoil Field & Range Solution, making this kit a complete pistol cleaning kit. Keep all components organized with two zip pockets inside a bi-fold nylon pouch with durable securing buttons to keep everything in place, no matter where you take it.

40 Caliber / 10 mm

Cleaning Kit Contains:

• Clenzoil Field & Range 0.5 oz. Dropper

• Brass Bore Brush

• Aluminum Rod Set

• Rod Handle

• Scrubbing Brush

• Patch Puller

• Cotton Patches

• Nylon Water Resistant Case