Bore Tech Eliminator Bore Cleaner 4oz
Bore Tech Eliminator Bore Cleaner 4oz
Product Number: 623-BTCE25004
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Bore Tech Eliminator™ Bore Cleaner is the premier, state-of-the-art bore cleaner that has taken the shooting industry by storm. The revolutionary and patented formula is 100% barrel safe, biodegradable, and easily outperforms the competition. Eliminator bore cleaner rapidly removes carbon and copper fouling without the safety hazards, harmful toxicity, and unpleasant odors found in competitive cleaners.

Product Specs

100% Barrel Safe
Odor Free
100% Biodegradable
Contains No Ammonia
Acts As A Short-Term Rust Preventative
Made in the USA
Packaged In A Treated HDPE Plastic Bottle for longer storage
Twist Open/Close Dispensing Cap w/ foam gasket seal