ISOtunes Sport CALIBER True Wireless Earbuds (w/o Bluetooth) 25 NRR
ISOtunes Sport CALIBER True Wireless Earbuds (w/o Bluetooth) 25 NRR
Product Number: 680-IT24
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The Freedom You Want. The Protection You Need.

CALIBER is a shooting earbud that packs a big punch in a little package. This electronic ear pro is completely dust, sweat, and waterproof and can run up to 16 hours without needing to be recharged. The completely cordless design allows you to move freely while Tactical Sound Control™ delivers amplified natural sound and gunshot noise reduction.

This product contains Tactical Sound Control™ Technology. TSC™ is a level-dependent technology that uses omni-directional microphones to allow safe sounds to actively pass through the product while blocking harmful gunshot noise. TSC™ amplifies environmental sounds up to 8x, detecting hard-to-notice environmental sounds.

CALIBER uses TSC™ to both limit and suppress noises. For quick impact noises, CALIBER takes the sound and limits the volume to your earbud. During sustained high-volume scenarios, CALIBER will completely suppress, initiating passive hearing protection. After the environment returns to a safe listening level, TSC™ will turn back on and continue amplifying the sounds around you.

ISOtunes Sport CALIBER comes with three pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY Short Eartips (S, M, L), three pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY Tall Eartips (S,M,L), 1 pair of silicone eartips, a charging case, charging case lanyard, and USB-C charging cord.

Product Features

• Tactical Sound Control™ Technology enhances your hearing by 8x while protecting you from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds.

• True Wireless Design

• 25 NRR tested and approved to ANSI s3. 19-1974.

• IP67 Durability for dust, sweat, and waterproof protection.

• Up to 16 hour battery life with 2 full additional charges stored in the rechargeable case.

• Automatic Power Off after 2 hours for battery conservation.

• This product is not Bluetooth enabled