About Korth Group


Here's what our sights are set on.

 There are some things that only outdoor enthusiasts understand. A unique relationship with the land, with wildness, and with family and friends – rooted in a deep sense of independence and self-sufficiency. And when enthusiasts like you want help finding the right gear, it’s important to work with people who deeply share in these values.

However, we know it can be difficult to identify and source the perfect equipment in the vast outdoor market. The wide range of products and brands makes it challenging to quickly find the ideal product, and impossible for any one dealer to stock enough variety to fit every enthusiast’s needs.
At Korth Group, we aim to make it easier. Our mission is to arm every enthusiast with the knowledge to make the perfect purchase decision, and access to the high-quality products that make those decisions a reality.

Since 1977, our family business has been doing just that – with the help of a vast network of dealers who share in our passion and commitment. Our first-name relationships start with your local dealer and extend to manufacturers across the globe. Partnerships that help bring an unparalleled level of product access and understanding to the community and allow us to offer the leading service and warranty program in Canada. Ultimately helping ensure every outdoor enthusiast can find, handle, and purchase the quality products they need.

Like you, our true passion goes beyond guns or bows, scopes or ammunition. It’s family and friends sharing in the rush of getting your first deer, the silent focus of the perfect shot, and the joy of putting dinner on the table. Hunting and shooting isn’t just a business to Korth Group and our dealer family. It’s a way of life. A belief system. It’s about grandfathers teaching granddaughters about wild things and wild places. The passing on of knowledge and tradition. The sharing of quiet moments, and the explosion of adrenaline.

Visit the Korth Group website or stop by a dealer near you and let’s create memories, share experiences, and build traditions together. Whether you’re a novice or experienced, Korth Group and our family of dealers are here to guide you through understanding the gear you need, and give you access to those products when and where you need them. Saving you time and effort better put into a beautiful day on the range or in the field.

Korth Group. Canada’s top purveyor of passion, conservation, and lasting memories since 1977.