Allen Accessories, Gun Cases, Tactical

The Allen Company is recognized as an industry leader and manufacturer of outdoor products such as gun cases, slings, game bags and shooting accessories. Every day, hunters, shooters and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world trust in the first class reputation of the Allen brand.

Gun Cases

The Allen Company's fully licensed Ruger gun cases are made from a rugged Endura fabric exterior with foam padding and a non-absorbent lining to protect your firearm while either storage or on the go. Many Ruger gun cases feature accessory pockets for smaller items, padded handle grips and are lockable to keep your rifle or handgun safe and secure.


With your safety in mind, The Allen Company and Korth Group Ltd. offer the very best in ballistic muffs and glasses. Shooters and hunters alike depend on Ruger quality ear muffs and shooting glasses to ensure safety either at the range or in the field. All muffs come with a variety of options and features, including the NRR (noise reduction rating). Ballistic shooting glasses are available for both men and women and come with features like mirror smoke lenses and non-slip rubber nose pieces. Most glasses are anti-fog and anti-scratch with a wide temple for added protection.

Shooting Accessories

Gun cleaning kits and gun cleaning components from top quality brands such as Ruger and Bore-Nado help keep your rifle, shotgun or handgun help in top condition. Keep your firearm clean and safe from debris which can affect your weapons performance and safety.


An assortment of Ruger brand slings with swivels are available. With features like foam padding and made with rugged Endrua fabric. Ruger slings and swivels will allow hunters and shooters alike to feel comfortable in the field or at the range.


Ruger brand bags and rifle cases for tactical rifles and handguns with extra-rugged Endura fabric and Endura lining help give your tactical weapon safe a secure environment to better protect your tactical firearm. Cases also have multiple magazine pockets, removable shoulder straps and are lockable.

Korth Group Ltd. is proud to once again offer our customers the very best in high quality outdoor products and accessories. Browse our on-line catalogue of outdoor shooting and tactical products.