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Korth Group is very pleased to make CRKT knives available to its valued customers. CRKT designs the most versatile knives available today. Browse the Korth Group Catalogue for best built affordable knives and tools in the industry.

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) was founded by Rod Bremer in 1994. CRKT offers an extensive line of hunting, tactical, as well as survival and everyday carry knives. The most innovative custom knife makers and designers in the industry have created these high quality knives, multi tools and knife accessories with innovation and integrity. Whether it’s for the sportsman or professional, a CRKT knife is designed for both reliability and performance.

Everyday carrying (EDC) folding knives are pocket knives that are convenient and useful. Many can be opened and closed with one hand. Perfect for nearly any use, they are carried by anyone who needs a knife for any reason. From sportsmen to policemen a folding knife can fill nearly every need.

CRKT fixed knives come in many shapes and forms and are meticulously crafted by some of the world's most renowned designers. An everyday fixed blade knife is smaller and can be as easy to carry as a folding knife but are generally stronger and easier to clean. These versatile knives have a variety of uses whether in the wilderness, at home or in the workplace. With a wide selection of fixed blade knives available you’re bound to find the perfect tactical or hunting knife for you.

Large survival knives are built to adapt and can be a real lifesaver in harsh conditions. Whether you are building a shelter or a fire a large, a fixed blade, survival knife can help keep you alive in the wilderness.

CRKT also makes premium axes and tomahawks. These outdoor tools get the job done in the wilderness and make chopping easy and efficient.

Everyone needs a multitool at one point or another and CRKT has designed some of the most unique and versatile multitools available today. You never know when you'll need a bottle opener, screwdriver, sharpener or compass, but with the latest CRKT multitool at least you won't be without.

At Korth Group you have access to the best CRKT knives, multitools and accessories. Browse our catalogue and order yours today.