Custom Dials

Make your equipment as unique as you are.

Custom dials can be built and Laser Engraved for your scope based on your ballistic information. These Laser Engravings can be made on CDS Dials, Target Dials, and all Tactical Dials such as M1 Dial, M2 Dial, and M3 Dial.

These dials, in combination with a Leupold Range Finder, are taking the hunting fraternity by storm. Have a Custom Dial built to your specifications and then GO on your Hunt of a Lifetime. Experience the dream of knowing the once in a season opportunity to shoot a large Elk at 500 yards or the once in a lifetime chance at a big Ram on the next ridge will become possible! With your customized CDS Dial you can now be sure of the yardage and your scope setting. It is as simple as reading the yardage on your Leupold TBR rangefinder and turning the elevation dial on your Leupold scope to that yardage! With the built in stop you will never have to worry about your scope dial being accidentally off of your zero point when the opportunity to harvest that Whitetail Buck of a lifetime presents itself. Rimfire shooters are finding it extremely useful for all rimfire ammunition including Sub Sonic.

The Custom Target & Tactical Dials work very well for the Long Range Shooter who has it installed on the Higher Magnification Leupold Scopes. With these Dials it's possible to have them engraved from 50 yards all the way out to 1,000 yards or more.


TO ORDER your specialized DIAL simply complete our ONLINE FORM, include your ballistic data and we will create a precision LASER ENGRAVED dial that allows you to adjust for bullet impact at extremely long ranges. The positive click adjustment DIALS are made of aircraft grade aluminum, with the appropriate ranges clearly and accurately LASER ENGRAVED on the dial. If your Leupold Scope is not equipped with one of these Dial Systems do not worry, we can modify most existing models to one of these Dial Systems. If you are a serious long distance shooter, this is a simple, yet extremely valuable modification to your scope that will prove its worth immediately in the field!

We apologize for the inconvenience in advance. 
Our Laser Engraver is down due to maintenance issues, therefore all Custom Dials Orders will be extended to a 4 to 6 week delivery period.

You may also download the printable (.PDF) version of this form below and submit the completed form by email to or Fax to (403) 938-2722.

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Note: All orders are contingent upon final approval of Korth Group. Korth Group Canada reserves the right to alter Custom Shop options and all offerings are subject to change.