Grovtec Accessories Hosters, Slings, Swivel Sets

Grovtec produces high quality accessories for guns. Canadian hunters, shooters, Law Enforcement, and gun owners can trust the accessories made by Grovtec to deliver optimum performance.

Grovtec knows that your quality guns need high quality components. Grovtec Gun Accessories are manufactured in North America. Many of the gun components Grovtec produces, such as Gun Swivels, and Swivel Sets are patented designs.

Grovtec gun components and accessories are made to meet the highest standards for weight, strength, stealth, security, and performance. The Korth Group is a distributor for Grovtec products in Canada.

Swivel and Swivel Sets

Grovtec makes Swivels and Swivel Sets that are strong, yet lightweight, and meet military specifications. A wide variety of Swivels are available, in various sizes, and different finishes to suit your tastes and needs. Purchase Swivel Sets for Military, and for Rifles and Shotguns. Get comfort and performance for your gun, when you purchase Grovtec Swivels and Swivel Sets.

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Hammer Extensions

Grovtec Hammer Extensions add a horizontal extension to gun hammers to provide a larger contact surface, and increased grip and control. Grovtec Hammer Extensions are particularly useful on scope mounted guns where the extra clearance is necessary. Grovtec Hammer Extensions are made from top quality materials and sport a fine finish. Hammer Extensions can be mounted on either the right or left side of the gun. They are made specific for each make and model of firearm, for a perfect fit.

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Hip Holsters

Grovtec makes high quality Hip Holsters for carrying side-arms and pistols. Well made Grovtec Hip Holsters are great for Law Enforcement and Tactical Teams, or for use at the shooting range.


Grovtec Slings are made of high quality materials, and built to withstand challenging conditions and rigorous use. GT Slings are designed to be super durable, and extremely comfortable. GT makes Rifle Slings, Backpack Slings, Slings that hold cartridges, and Slings that are made with Neoprene for added comfort.

Ammo Accessories

Grovtec thought of everything, so you can enjoy shooting even more, with these great Ammo Accessories. Purchase Holster Belts, Ammo Belts for Shotguns, Rifles, or Handguns, Cartridge Shell Holders, Cartridge Slides, and other useful Ammo Accessories made by Grovtec. Grovtec Ammo Accessories are distributed in Canada, by the Korth Group.

GT EZ Clean

The Grovtec EZ Clean system will ensure the long life, and reliable operation of your guns. The Grovtec EZ Clean system makes cleaning and caring for your guns simple, with its nylon coated aircraft cable, that is not affected by chemicals. The EZ Clean system is made specifically for each size and caliber of gun, and color coded for each firearm type. Other great features of the GT EZ Clean include a maximum pull through strength, brass connections that will not corrode or oxidize, an ergonomically designed handle, and a compact, easy to store design. The Korth Group distributes the GT EZ Clean system to Canadian Grovtec dealers.