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American Pioneer Powder

American Pioneer Powder is the manufacturer of several clean, powerful, and dependable black powder replacements that Canadian Muzzleloader Shooters can trust for great results when using a Muzzleloading Gun.

For traditionalists and gun enthusiasts Muzzleloading is a challenging and fun pastime. Get the most from your Muzzleloader when you use American Pioneer Powder.

American Pioneer Powder offers 3 levels of muzzleloading powder performance which are APP Powder, Jim Shockey’s Gold Powder, and Jim Shockey’s Yukon Gold Powder.

American Pioneer Muzzleloader Powder and Jim Shockey's Gold Muzzleloader Powder are all available as compressed sticks, 45 cal. 50 grain, 50 cal. 50 grain, and FFG and FFFG loose powder.

The Jim Shockey’s Yukon Gold Muzzleloader Powder is available in compressed sticks, 45 cal. 50 grain, 50 cal, 50 grain, 50 cal. 100 grain, and 50 cal.150 grain as well as FFG and FFFG loose powder.

APP Powder

All American Pioneer Powders are the cleanest burning powders on the market ! Special care and attention must be given to clean your gun 100% of all lubricants by using a substance such as rubbing alcohol. Once the gun is stripped NO additional lubrication is required and the barrel is seasoned by discharging one pellet of powder with no projectile. Powders work best with projectiles 250 grains or greater. Insert your sticks, seat and compress your bullet, prime the gun and enjoy hundreds of successful rounds before cleaning your muzzleloader.

American Pioneer Powder is a basic dependable affordable muzzleloader powder containing all the best quality products that make APP a popular product in North America and around the world.

Jim Shockey’s Gold Powder, Jim Shockey’s Yukon Gold Powder

Jim Shockey’s Gold Powder designed originally for use by Jim Shockey under the most demanding conditions has increased velocity and protection of the muzzleloader powder against the elements.

Jim Shockey’s Yukon Gold Powder developed with an extra powerful muzzleloader powder to meet with the most rigorous demands of the Canadian Hunter. Canadian hunters can appreciate this ultimate premium powder to support our challenging and rugged northern hunting situations. Made to perform in severe weather conditions and climate! The Yukon Gold Powder outperforms other powders especially in the rough hunting terrain in Canada.

The Korth Group is a Canadian distributor of Black Powder, or Muzzleloader Powder, including Jim Shockey's Yukon Gold, Jim Shockey’s Gold and APP powders. Canadian gun and ammunition dealers can purchase all American Pioneer Powders through the Korth Group Authorized Dealer network.

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