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Hi Mountain Seasonings

Available now at Korth Group are a range of food tasting products, seasonings and spices every hunter and home chef should not be without. Hi Mountain seasonings has been creating superior jerky, meat processing products and gourmet seasoning blends since 1991. Create delicious home made food with outstanding flavors inspired by the Old West.

Jerky Cure and Seasoning – Make the best jerky you ever tasted in your own oven, smoker or dehydrator. With easy to follow instructions make anywhere from 1 -15 lbs of the best jerky you ever tasted with Hi Mountain Seasonings premier jerky cures. Available in many mouth watering flavors like mesquite, hickory, pepper, cajun, teriyaki, bourbon, cracked pepper n' garlic, jalapeno, sweet and spicy, wild geese and turkey bourbon.

Sausage and Snackin' Stick Kits – There are many different types of sausage you can make with Hi Mountain Seasonings sausage kits.From bratwurst, german, polish or italian sausage to hot dogs, bologna, salami, summer or breakfast sausage. You can prepare the flavor you want most either fresh or smoked. Each kit contains seasoning, cure, casings and complete instructions on how to make these great homemade sausages. Use beef, wild game, pork or poultry. Some kits will season up to 30 lbs of meat!

Western Style Shaker Seasonings, Rubs and Brines - Enhance the flavor of your grilling meats and veggies with these Hi Mountain seasonings and rubs. A Combination of essential flavors in just the right balance adding delicious, authentic flavors like hickory, cajun and mesquite to your favorite meals. Rub steak, fish, poultry, venison or pork to create a taste sensation to please any pallet. And make the most tasteful dish of any type poultry or fish with Hi Mountain Seasonings exceptionally blended brines.

Sauces and Marinades – Enhance your meals with some of the best sauces and marinades you ever tasted. Choose from merlot, chardonnay, pinot gris and noir finishing sauces that are sure to be a culinary delight. Marinade your favorite meat with sweet honey, soy or buffalo wing flavors cook and enjoy.

Order your favorite flavors at Korth Group today and make the most delicious meals and treats out of your next big hunt or catch.