Hornady Ammunition, Bullets and Reloading

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Hornady is a manufacturer that prides themselves in making high quality products for the shooting industry including reloading tools and components such as: bullets, cases and ammunition.

All of which, are very important attributes, that Canadian hunters and shooters require from the ammunition they use. Hornady bullets and ammunition are known for setting world records in competitions, and for accuracy.

For hunters, Hornady is known for delivering exceptional Terminal performance. Hunters get unparalleled performance when they use Hornady, which is of the utmost importance, particularly when hunting big game. Hornady only uses the highest quality raw materials when making their extensive line of product to consistently give you a highest quality results. The Korth Group distributes Hornady products to Hornady Canada dealers. Canadian hunters and shooters can find Canadian Hornady dealers, through the Korth Group »


Hornady makes top quality ammunition that is accurate, deadly and dependable. Canadian hunters & shooters know they can trust Horandy products to give them exceptional performance on every outing.

Hornady Ammunition is available in a wide variety of calibers, and for many styles of guns including Rimfire, Centrefire, Handguns, Muzzleloaders & Shotgun. NEW for Hornady is their line of Superformance Ammunition which provides increased muzzle velocity while maintaining standard recoil signature and pressures. Hornady ammunition is primarily for hunting and sports shooting they also design a line of ammunition for policing, tactical and security applications.

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Hornady Bullets are designed to be consistent, accurate, and dependable. Hornady produces their bullets under strict quality control, and intensive testing in their under-ground testing facility, to ensure they provide hunters and shooters with a high performance bullet. Hornady makes a wide variety of bullets, with over 300 calibers available for all kinds of guns. Hornady has every kind of bullet, for every type of hunt, from gophers to dangerous big game.

Hornady offers several lines of bullets that give hunters outstanding performance while hunting or shooting. These bullets can be used for reloading your favourite caliber in rifle or handgun ammunition and you can choose from any of the following: Hornady SST, Hornady GMX, Hornady DGS, Hornady Monoflex, Hornady Interbond, Hornady FTX, Hornady NTX, Hornady VMAX, Hornady Interlock, Hornady DGX, Hornady Match, Hornady AMAX, Hornady XTP, Hornady HAP, Hornady FMJ, Hornady Lead Pistol.

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Hornady makes high quality Muzzleloading products that give you exceptional performance. Using Hornady Muzzleloading projectiles, hunters can obtain centerfire accuracy from their muzzleloading rifles.

Hornady offers a few different Muzzleloading products depending on your needs and shooting style. Whether you use the fast and convenient Lock-N-Load Speed Sabot, the technologically advanced FPB, or the more traditional round ball or lead shot, Hornady Muzzleloading products are deadly accurate, something Canadian hunters can rely on.

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Reuse the most expensive part of your Ammunition, the Cartridge Case, when you reload ammunition. With the Hornady Lock-N-Load Systems it's easy to reload ammunition with control and accuracy. The Lock-N-Load System is an excellent choice for reloading, it offers the ability to customize ammunition loads for many guns. Hornady die bushings provide an efficient and quick way to change your die(s) whether they are rifle dies, pistol dies, even powder dies, also change the bullet seaters or crimp dies. The Korth Group supplies all of the Hornady Reloading products for purchase by Hornady Canada dealers.

Hornady Accessories

Hornady Accessories such as ram-rod ends, cleaning products, protectants, Ammo Boxes, Self-Healing Targets, Reloading Handbook, Hornady Apparel, Hornady Gifts, and more, are available through Korth Group Canada.