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Hygenall LeadOff

Korth Group welcomes Hygenall Corporation, manufacturers of Hygenall LeadOff brand tactical hygiene cleaning and decontamination wipes and soaps. Hygenall LeadOff products are used by police, military, firing ranges, reloaders, hunters and shooters. Use Hygenal LeadOff cleaning products to protect yourself and your family from harmful microscopic heavy metal dust exposure. Using firearms on the firing range, reloading, or hunting has never been safer with the use of Hygenall LeadOff Cleaning and Decontamination products.

Unseen, microscopic Lead dust exposure in shooting sports is so important that in 2010 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), made a rare commercial product recommendation when they recommended the use of Hygenall Wipes after firing weapons.

Hygenall LeadOff Soaps, Wipes, and Surface Cleaners do the same thing that regular soaps do, except they do one more thing that regular soaps are not completely effective at: they remove dirt and germs, plus heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, chromium, arsenic zinc and more from hands, face, and hard surfaces. With each firing, a weapon can deposit as much as 1000ug of lead on the shooter's hands, forearms and face, and since regular soap is not effective at cleaning off the lead, lead dust is easily brought home where children can be exposed, a phenomena known as ”Toxic Hand-Off.” Individuals that are exposed to lead dust are a major contributor of lead to children at home.

The patented formula breaks the electrostatic bond between skin and heavy metals while also cleaning off dirt, and germs. The wipes require no rinsing, so they are ideal for use in a range bag, on the firing range, the workplace or for industrial hygiene safety in the workplace.

Protect yourself from harmful toxic heavy metals today and order your Hygenall LeadOff cleaning and decontamination supplies from Korth Group.