Kimber Rifles, Pistols and Guns for Hunters

Kimber guns are known for their top craftsmanship, dependability, and accuracy. From Law Enforcement to Olympic Competition Shooting teams, marksmen, and gun owners know that the Kimber name stands for excellence.

Kimber guns are of the finest quality and are manufactured right here in North America.

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Kimber is the largest manufacturer of 1911 Pistols and are loved by Competition Shooters, Gun Collectors, Law Enforcement, and Recreational Shooters. With reliable operation, outstanding performance, and top accuracy Kimber semi-automatic pistols are well suited for competitive shooting, but are also enjoyable for shooting at the local shooting range.

Kimber Pistols come in a variety of models with different features and finishes that allow them to stand out. Features could include match quality barrels, triggers, fixed or adjustable sights, stainless, blued or KimPro finish, caliber, barrel length, grips, and safety. With a model to fit everyone’s wants or needs.

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Fine Quality Kimber Rifles are crafted in North America, by people who demand the best. Whether punching holes in paper or going after the largest of big game Kimber has a rifle for you!

Kimber Rifle models include, the Classic, Classic Stainless, Classic Select, Super America, Montana, Varmint, Long Master Classic, Pro Varmint, Long Master VT, SVT, Caprivi, Talkeetna, Sonora, and a full line of Law Enforcement models including the LPT, Patrol, Police Tactical, Tactical, and Advanced Tactical.

Available in the 84 or 8400 in a variety of calibres from 204 Ruger through 458 Lott. You can choose from models which feature traditional wood stocks, high grade wood stocks, laminated wood stocks, kevlar/carbon fibre stocks, or hand made McMillan glass stock. Features will include match grade barrels, match chambers, and match triggers, free floated piller and glass bedded barrel action, controlled round feed for round control and reliability all packed into rifles with models that weigh as little as 5 lbs 2 oz.

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Purchase replacement magazines and shooting accessories, along with quality replacement and upgrade parts such as, grips, sites, etc for your Kimber Pistol or Kimber Rifle. Korth Group is the name you should think of for Kimber firearms and accessories in Canada.