Leupold Optics Scopes and Rangefinders


The Korth Group is the top distributor for Leupold products in Canada. Leupold makes high quality Sports Optics you can depend on. Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, Rangefinders, Golf Range Finders, and Scope Mounting Systems, are made especially for Canadian Hunters, Sportsman, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Law Enforcement, and Military.

The Leupold Canada name is synonymous with high standards, and cutting edge Sports Optics. Canadian Hunters, Sportsman, Golf Pros, and Outdoor Enthusiasts trust Leupold products to enhance their enjoyment of the outdoors, and empower them to achieve the best results from their sport or hobby.

Whether it's a Rifle Scope, a Spotting Scope, Binoculars, or a Rangefinder, Leupold Optics are known to be rugged, accurate, compact, and weatherproof. All these great elements, and the signature Leupold Gold Ring, mean that purchasing a Leupold product is a lifetime investment. The Korth Group is the sole distributor of Leupold products in Canada.

Leupold Scopes

Canadian hunters, competition shooters, Military and Law Enforcement, trust Leupold Canada to deliver waterproof, rugged, reliable, and accurate scopes that work well even in low light conditions.

Leupold pioneered the creation of nitrogen filled optics chambers, creating the world's first true weather-proof optics. Since then, Leupold invented the Duplex Reticle system for their scopes, helping shooters clearly sight in their targets, and it has become an industry classic. Whether it's a Riflescope, a Handgun Scope, a Competition Scope, a Shotgun Scope or a Tactical Scope, Leupold Canada brings you high end, weatherproof optics you can trust.

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Leupold Canada dealers can find the popular Leupold Canadian Scope which is exclusive to Canada. The Leupold Canadian Scope is popular with hunters, for all of the great features of this Riflescope, including customized CDS adjustment dial to the Canadian Maple Leaf Logo. It has waterproof Leupold Technology and Leupold Lifetime Warranty.

The Korth Group is the distributor for Leupold Shotgun/Muzzleloader Scopes, Rimfire Scopes, Air Rifle Scopes, Handgun Scopes, Tactical Scopes, Competition Scopes, and Centre Fire Rifle Scopes. All Leupold scope models are available in a variety of magnification ranges and features that are well respected within the industry. These models include the Leupold Canadian, VX-6, VX-3, VX-3L, VX-R, VX-II, VX-I, FX-3, FX-II, FX-I, Rifleman, Mark AR, Mark 4, Delta Point, Prismatic, and Competition Scopes. All these models of Leupold Scopes are distributed by Korth Group in Canada.

Spotting Scopes

When you need to see further than binoculars are capable of, then a Spotting Scope is the answer. The Korth Group distributes Leupold Spotting Scopes in Canada, to Leupold Canada dealers.

Leupold Spotting Scopes are built to be rugged and waterproof, with remarkably powerful optics and resolution. The Korth Group distributes several spotting scope models including the Leupold Ventana, Kenai and Gold Ring Leupold Spotting Scope. Some models are available with straight or angled eye pieces and also come as Spotting Scope Kits, which include soft case, hard case, and tripods.


Leupold Binoculars are legendary for their rugged, waterproof design, and superior optics. Many Canadians enjoy Leupold Binoculars to help them make the most of their favorite past-time such as bird watching, wildlife observation, hunting, boating, stadium sports events, or theatrical performances. Available in a variety of magnifications, look for the available sizes and features in models such as Yosemite, Rogue, Acadia, Cascades, Olympic, Katmai, and Mojave.

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Leupold Rangefinders offer users optimal precision, accuracy, and speed when determining distances. Built rugged, compact, and water-proof, there are many uses for a Leupold Rangefinder. Whether you're a hunter determining the distance to a target, or a golfer calculating distance on the green, Leupold Laser Rangefinders help you achieve the best results in your sport.

For Golf Pros, Leupold Laser Golf Rangefinders are Tournament legal, and help you get the most out of your game. When hunting, features like TBR with Bow & Gun modes eliminate the guess work. Pin Seeker and the Club Selector available on the Golf Models allow Leupold Laser Rangefinders to take your game to a new level.

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Leupold Accessories

Leupold Accessories help you make the most of your Leupold product. Leupold offers quality accessories to go with the high end optical products they sell. Buy Leupold Mounting Systems including rings, ring-mounts, and bases to mount your Leupold Scope to your gun. Buy tripods, window mounts, and adaptors to use with Leupold Binoculars and Leupold Spotting Scopes.

Leupold Alumina Accessories include Raincoat lens covers, optical intensifiers, optimizers, and focus adaptors to help you protect, and get the most from your Leupold optics, even in challenging outdoor conditions.

Leupold also offers bore sighters, torque wrenches, and compact utility tools, to help make difficult jobs easier, when out in the field. The Korth Group distributes all of these quality Leupold Accessories to Leupold dealers in Canada.

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