MTM Case-Gard

Korth Group continues to provide Canadian hunters and shooters with the most innovative and reliable shooting sport accessories in the marketplace today. The MTM Molded Products Company’s brand of molded case-gards and ammo boxes are of no exception.

Over the last 42 years MTM Case-Gard has dedicated itself to bringing out products that active shooters desire most, making it easy to enjoy your favorite shooting sport(s).

Having been family owned and operated since 1968, MTM Case-Gard™ has strived to be innovative in their approach to the shooting sports and have developed shooting products and accessories that have solved some of the sports biggest storage problems. When it comes to storing your hunting equipment and protecting your ammo its great to know you can rely on every day hunting accessories that are innovative in design and of the highest quality.

When you wish to supply your customers with the best. Contact Korth Group to find you’re your nearest retailer and check out our full supply of MTM molded products and accessories including caliber specific ammo boxes, target stands, maintenance centers and more.