PSE Archery


Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE Archery) – A Half-Century of Innovation.

Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) is the largest manufacturer of compound bows, target bows, crossbows, and traditional recurve bows in the world. All of PSE’s aluminum compound bows are made at their manufacturing facility located in Tucson, Arizona, and their quality control is second to none when it comes to import products such as crossbows or recurves.

For almost 50 years, PSE has been a leading innovator in cutting-edge archery technology and engineering. This includes manufacturing the fastest compound bow on the planet (the 370 fps Full Throttle), as well as developing the highest performance comfort bows in the world thanks to PSE’s acclaimed Evolve Cam System (ECS).

"There has never been another cam system quite like this one," stated Blake Shelby, VP of Sales and Marketing for PSE. "In the age of comfort bows, we asked ourselves what we could do to apply PSE engineering and our X-Force platform to a high let-off bow. Could we make the ultimate comfort bow and still make it as powerful and as fast as shooters expect from PSE? The answer is yes."

PSE Compound Bows

PSE was one of the first five bow manufacturers in the world to make compound bows, and today they are the only company of the original five still going strong. Thanks to their long history of innovation, PSE is now the largest privately-owned archery equipment manufacturer in the world.

PSE’s compound bow line features a bow fit for every hunter or competition shooter at every price point, skill level, and shooting style. The PSE line is split into four main bow series…the Vapor series for speed and power, the Evolve series for comfort and control, the Adapt series for adaptability and affordability, and the Target series for competition performance. From amateurs just starting out, to the highest levels of competition, to everything in-between, no other bow company comes close to this level of variety in a compound bow line. However, PSE’s dedication to innovation and quality doesn’t stop at just compound bows…they also manufacture crossbows, traditional recurves and archery accessories.

PSE Crossbows

PSE was the first compound bow company to introduce a crossbow line and that dedication to crossbow platform continues to today. For 2018, the PSE crossbow line featured best-in-class models such as the Thrive 400 or Fang 350 XT, delivering unparalleled features and performance at an unmatched price. These crossbows are built to perform, shooting in the 330-400 fps range and featuring enhanced accessory packages that make them both performance leaders and value leaders.

Arrows and Accessories

Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) specializes in more than just designing and building compound bows, crossbows, and traditional recurve bows…they have an accessory line that includes bow sights, quivers, and their esteemed Carbon Force arrow line.

Carbon Force arrows are popular among bowhunters because of their durability, accuracy, straightness, and manufacturing consistency. PSE’s carbon shafts utilize TruWeave™ technology to create a tough, accurate, and affordable arrow.

PSE also manufactures crossbow accessories for their crossbows including strings, cables, cases and crossbow bolts. These bolts, much like the PSE Carbon Force arrows, shoot consistently straight and are well-constructed to avoid splintering and cracking. PSE crossbow bolts are available uncut, as well as in lengths from 17” to 26.25”.


PSE is also primed to be a big player in the rapidly growing sport of bowfishing thanks to their Mad Fish, Mudd Dawg, and Discovery compound bowfishing bows. Designed specifically to perform under wet conditions, and featuring package options of an AMS Retriever Reel or a PSE’s Red Tide traditional spin reel, these bows are equally loved by the bowfishing novice or professional angler. PSE also manufactures bowfishing arrows, rests, and additional accessories.

The Legacy of Archery

Archery has been a fixture in society for thousands of years, and even in our modern age the enthusiast market for archery is still going strong. Precision Shooting Equipment helped to define modern bowhunting and target archery, and they continue to be one of the major players in the marketplace. Being a PSE retailer is a sign that you value cutting-edge archery technology, and you understand the importance of both performance and value to your customers.

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