Those gophers are not afraid of any virus nor will they listen to our isolation rules! Are you ready to protect your land from these crop-eating and destructive little critters?

We have your back for all your varmint prepping needs.


ELEY Subsonic and High Velocity Hollow Points


Available in 50 round Boxes or 300 round Rec Packs. 
The most trusted source for accuracy, repetition and overall successful shooting.
Gophers shiver in the shadows at the words of ELEY Hollow Points.


For all your shooting needs, Tactical Solutions offers a range or Precision 22 LR options to ensure no Gopher escapes down the hole.

Leupold Rimfire Scopes

A necessity to manage those small moving silhouettes. Use the Rimfire-MOA reticle out to 200 yards to ensure no gopher leaves the battlefield. Available in 3-9X40 or 2-7X33, Leupold low light coatings help in all times of the daylight. 


MTM Rimfire Storage

Everyone needs something to store their ammo in. And don’t forget the handy ammo pouch for quick access in the heat of the moment.



Ruger 10/22 and Precision

he classic, always gopher feared Ruger 10/22. Do we really need to say more?
Or try the accuracy of a 22 LR Precision.